Why Wouldn’t This Work? Eliminating console scalping.

How much do you want it?

Here’s a rather unorthodox and definitely controversial alternative to the current toxic climate of console scalping. This is not a “capitalism is broken” cry, nor is it a perfect solution. Consoles, sneakers, concert tickets; so many anti-scalping strategies have been attempted, from lotteries to limited production runs to a complete hands-off approach.

I propose this approach: For the PS5, Sony should have made a clear schedule for their sales such as below.

November 12th: 1500$ (for the standard edition)

December 1st: 1200$

December 15th: 1000$

January 1st: 700$

January 15th: 500$

I’m sure they could make a system with retailers that don’t sell them at that price by that date that the retailer gets the equivalent refund.

Yes, it’s unfair for people who don’t have that kind of cash, but the current world of scalping has the same result.

This way Sony makes the money that otherwise shifty scalpers and bots would make. Would this cause people to be angry at Sony? Sure, but on the the other hand, Sony would be honestly and transparently trying to minimize scalping. And Sony could claim that the early adopters’ premium goes straight into support for the new console itself. Win, win.

Why wouldn’t this work?




Both a creative and critical thinker, I am a UX designer based in Japan.

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Marc Cocchio

Marc Cocchio

Both a creative and critical thinker, I am a UX designer based in Japan.

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