Kawane Events Creator Portal — Part 2

Marc Cocchio
2 min readJan 16, 2024


Future Changes

Priority levels (P0, P1, P2) categorize tasks in software development and design by urgency and importance. P0 represents critical and urgent issues, P1 is for high-priority but non-critical tasks, and P2 covers important but non-urgent items.

P0 Priorities

  • Disallow the modal from popping up (and trigger the validation errors) if any required forms are blank.「場所などが未記入の時にデータが消えてしまったのでこの辺りが保持されると良いかなぁ。」(from Maebe)
  • Users can view a list of their own created events and delete them (from google calendar, but the database will maintain a record). Basically pull the record from the database using the created $eventID, mark as deleted in the database (don’t show in index), and remove from the google calendar. (DONE Jan. 19)
// you can also get the id after creating the event,
// then you can save it to database.
$event = new Event;
$newEvent = $event->save();
echo $newEvent->id; // display the event id

// and to delete an event
$event = Event::find($eventId);
  • Mail received from info@ email is manageable in gmail (DONE Dec 23)
  • Format the hyperlink text to the Event’s specified URL from “linkText” to user’s input. (DONE Dec. 27)

P1 Priorities

  • Include a checkbox in the event creator to make a “quick event” without including the profile information
  • Language switcher available before logging in (now only available to logged in users)
  • Properly translate attribute names in form validation errors
  • Change “dashboard” route name to “create-event”

P2 Priorities

  • Observability in Laravel Applications (from Laura)
  • Dynamic QR codes (and counter to see how many people have scanned the Google Calendar QR) (Currently paid subscription to qr-code-generator.com)
  • Move hosted DB to GCS vm (currently aws via heroku jaws)
  • Dockerize it (maybe run on my own server or gcs vm?)
  • Make references/greetings to Config Vars (or something similar) so the project can seamlessly be ported to any town (at least in Japan).

More interesting stuff I learned, which I’ll publish more details later

Spinning/breathing leaf animation for confirmation screens

Removing Tailwind (but using Breeze)

Verification emails, but localized

Namecheap customer service for email settings

Applied UX theories

Testing and feedback

github repository

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